Managing the recycling (without it taking over your home)

We all know how important it is to recycle, we can’t get away from that. I remember when recycling wasn’t really a ‘thing’ and most people threw everything in the main black bin – I know, I’m THAT old!

For a long time now though, most of us in the UK have had our recycling collected from our door every week, or at least every fortnight, and for anything else there are a number of local recycling centres.

We are very lucky in the fact that we have some very well maintained local recycling centres, not too far away and easy to access. Each container is well labelled and the staff are always fantastic.

How do you recycle at home?

How do you keep on top of the recycling at home, in-between collections? We have a mixture of bags and boxes that we have to put our recycling in for collection. These are stored in our garage, but it’s a pain to go out there every time we have something to recycle.

Given that we normally pop everything in a tub of some sort in the utility room and then when it’s full, I will take it out and add to the bags and boxes.

Getting it all under control

We’ve had a range of systems over the years, none of which I’ve been a massive fan of to be honest.

The trouble is, once I’ve emptied the tub and cleaned it out with some sweet smelling Zoflora, it looks great – a clean, empty tub! When it starts to fill up though it just looks untidy and it annoys me.

Some days I’ve been emptying the damn thing twice a day. We don’t have enough cupboard space to store it all away, so for ages I couldn’t see much of an alternative. Until that was…I recently discovered these fantastic recycling tubs from Wham.

A good solution

These come in 30L and 50L and have a hinged lid. They hold a decent amount due to their capacity, but the lid means everything remains neat and tidy and I don’t have to look at it until I empty the tub!

They come with these handy stickers for labelling, and what’s more, they are actually made out of reground recycled single use household plastic, helping to prevent more plastic going into our oceans. Double win in my book!

Despite their size, I can fit box tubs side-by-side in our utility room, where I used to have the open top tub with the items to be recycled.

For now at least I’m much happier with this new system. I give the tubs a spray and wipe out with disinfectant after each empty.

How do you currently manage your recycling?


  1. We have a double covered bin in our kitchen for recycling, and when it’s full we empty the bins in one of the recycling bins outside. Often the kitchen bins get full to overflowing, as there seems to be endless amounts of packaging, especially as we bulk-buy cleaning products and dry groceries on-line. I’m not sure there’s a better way, as I certanily don’t want to be taking individual things out to the outdoor bins.

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